The Blacksmith joint work

The Blacksmith joint work The participants and guests of the last festival were introduced to the main theme of the current anniversary XV International Forged Figures Park®  Blacksmiths Art Festival. The central place of the European Bunch work is assigned for an image of a blacksmith. The over three-meter-high statue will also be a central work in the Forged Figures Park®. The Blacksmith work is designed as a stylized framework where miniatures of about 150-200 mm will be fixed. These details produced by different methods of blacksmith art and other techniques of decorative metal forming will add to an unusual image of The Blacksmith.
The Blacksmith sculpture will join creative efforts of masters of various techniques, countries and nations!
The Blacksmith’s framework was produced by masters of the Ukrainian Gefest blacksmiths enterprise and presented to the participants and guests of the XIV Festival. The first miniatures were brought at the same time. Now masters from different regions are working on the Blacksmith’s image as a small size of the miniatures enables blacksmiths even from very remote places to take part in the joint work. When the works are collected, Donetsk blacksmiths will need time to assemble the sculpture. That’s why the miniatures should be sent not later than the 1st of August. The organizing committee of the festival is waiting for the works at the address of the Ukrainian Gefest blacksmiths enterprise.
Examples of works  

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